Areas of expertise

We possess valuable expertise and extensive experience in several areas for the construction industry - both in the private and public industry.


Paxon is concerned about the environment and has a strong interest in renewable energy. We offer our expertise in the areas of offshore wind, wind turbines and biofuels.


Paxon has leading experience in the aquaculture industry in Norway when it comes to establishing fish farms at sea and on land. We can refer to completed assignments with very good references. Our employees have both good competence with the establishment and operation of fish farms.


Paxon has several resources with expertise in the industry, especially oil and gas. We offer project managers and project engineers for your projects.


Paxon develops real estate for its customers. We have expertise in everything from planning programs, regulation, sales and implementation.


The construction industry is behind when it comes to digitization. There are challenges associated with the fact that there is a large number of actors involved in the projects with different value chains, different digitization levels and digitization needs. We at Paxon have therefore developed a project portal / arena for collaboration across everyone involved in a construction project. This gives our customers access to and means that everyone is up to date at all times on what is happening in the project, and can easily go in to update even if there is a new status / change that more people should know about.


We are a consulting company that assists clients with project management and other consulting within project administration for the construction industry.